Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Robinsons Selections Grand Canal Mall Haul

Last Monday, I brought you around Robinsons Selections. Today, I'd like to share with you what I got.

A tub of watermelon slices because we always buy fruits whenever we go to the supermarket. 

Fruity rings to snack on. 

Popcorn because we love popcorn. 

Skittles, Darkside. I'm going to give this to my husband on Valentine's Day. He loves Skittles. 

My son loves Star Wars and Darth Vader so I couldn't pass up this box of chocolate nibs. 

Of course, I had to buy a box.. or two of these Trader Joe's Granola Bars!

Mike and Ike candies, because my son wants to try them. I'm going to give these to him on Valentine's Day as well. He only eats candy when we're outside, in the mall or when we travel so these are really a treat. I only pull these out when he's in a mega tantrum fit and I need to focus on something for several minutes. 

I have to admit that the first time I tried Brown Rice (eons ago), I hated it. It was hard and didn't quite complement the viand I was eating. My sister cooked it. Last week, I bought some and cooked it myself and I really liked it! I read somewhere that white rice sucks up arsenic and a lot of chemicals from the soil and brown rice doesn't so I got me a kilo. My son also likes this so I bought more today. This is cheaper than the one I got last week at Rustan's Fresh. We will still eat white rice because brown rice is expensive and my husband is not used to brown rice but we will eventually make the switch. But, white rice is still best with other viands such as Sinigang!

The house brand stuff is super affordable. 

This is the Silky Girl makeup remover. Got it for Php189. Fingers crossed, it will be great. 

That's it for my haul. By the way, do you know what flowers these are?

I found them near our parking space and I thought they are just absolutely beautiful! Just look at those gorgeous colors!

By the way, I forgot to mention that Venice Piazza and Grand Canal Mall still don't have a decent parking area so we had to park on the street. They have guards in the area as well as attendants but the car is exposed to the heat and it felt like an oven when we opened it. Also, it's double parking so only one car can go out and come in at a time. You also have to make a 3-point turn in order to get out of the area. When we were going out, there were 2 cars getting ready to leave and another one getting ready to park. Good thing the guard directed the traffic but we still had to wait several minutes before we were able to get out. 


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