Monday, February 1, 2016

Robinsons Selections

If you read my last post, you'd know that we visited McKinley Grand Canal Mall yesterday. When there's a supermarket in a new mall, I always check it out and I'm so happy that I went to this one.

The layout reminds me of the Robinsons Place supermarket but this one is cleaner, neater and has less people.

My original plan was to just look around but I suddenly found myself grabbing stuff off the shelves and soon I needed a basket and that basket needed to be replaced by a cart!

They have a huge selection of ice creams, gelati, organic ice cream, Korean ice cream, etc. I was shocked and overwhelmed and excited all at the same time!

Look, there's even an Olaf and Ana ice cream!

I am really intrigued by this Carmen's Best ice cream. Anyone tried it? I'd appreciate a comment!

New Zealand Creamery ice cream. 

I didn't buy any because we already bought some ice cream last Saturday and these were really expensive. 

They have cold cuts and sausages from all over the world.

I was curious about these pasta cups. Just add water? Hmm, I'd still go for the home cooked version. 

Trail mix to take in your carry on for trips. I didn't get some even though my son and I love trail mix because all of them had dried ginger and we don't really like ginger. 

I was surprised to see Silky Girl!

This is a Malaysian brand that I only see there and in Singapore. Now, it has reached our shores!

Just look at those price points, so affordable!

I think they have the full line here. 

I haven't tried this brand yet but I did get the oil-based makeup remover. 

They also have one of my favorite facial scrubs from Olay! Stock up on those Evian mists for summer!

They also have a huge selection of local and imported candies! I wanted to go crazy!

They had a bunch of these Bebeto candies in different variants. 

And look, Trader Joe's Granola Bars!

Just look at their baking supplies... They even had powdered buttermilk. 

They also have a great selection of fruits, freshly cut (ready-to-eat) fruits and juices. 

Getting ready for V-Day. 

Stay tuned to see what I bought from Robinsons Selections. 


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