Sunday, June 12, 2016

Homeschool Kindergarten 1 Lessons Week 1

It's the start of the new school year for us and I thought I'd share with you some of our daily lessons in our homeschool. If you are new to this blog, my son is 2 years old, turning 3 in a few days. He was diagnosed as twice exceptional. He is hyperactive-gifted. He is enrolled in a school for giftedness but under the homeschool program. He is in Kindergarten 1 this year.

Our schedules vary a lot depending on my son's mood. If he doesn't want to study, I cannot force him. I give him other learning activities instead. On days when he wants to study, it's a non-stop thing from morning to night. To keep me sane, I use this schedule which I made in Excel. It includes the different school subjects, books that we want to read for the day, activities, etc. There's also space for meals below.


For science, we will do a recap about the nose and then review the different tastes. We are also going to do some fruit and vegetable sorting using magnets. Then for Wednesday, we will review the parts of a plant. For Thursday, we are going to study the parts of a cat, review farm, zoo and pet animals. For Friday, parts of a fish and bird. These are mostly review lessons because his Science school book has not yet arrived. I am using another Kindergarten book which I got from SM. 

Comm Arts

For Monday, we are going to review beginning letters. We are also going to use the Phonics Words Books down below. We are going to review nouns, a & an, plural and singular for the rest of the week. 


These are color sets which we will review today. 

Here are other books that we use. The writing book is from his Nursery days. My son doesn't like to write. Most gifted/2E kids don't but I will try my best to make him like writing. 

The Phonics words is a new book which we will start working on today. We also have daily devotions and this is what we use. This was a gift from my sister. 

We are also going to review more sight words using this printable I got from 3 Dinosaurs. Another great resource is The Measured Mom. It's where I got this booklet. 

We read at least 5 books per day and here are just 2 books that we are going to read today. As you can see they are a bit tattered. That's because these are second hand books which I got for only 20 pesos each. I buy a lot of second hand books because my son is a voracious reader. My son is the one who decides what books to read for the day so I only put two here.

We are also going to practice some spelling with this wooden set from Melissa & Doug. 

Here are more CA work - writing the words and missing letters. 

Here are the nouns. 

For writing, we are going to practice curved lines and making different shapes. 

We also love this Phonics Workbook from my SIL. We are almost done with this book. 

We will also have a spelling game using these bubblegum letters. I'm sorry, I forgot where I got this but if you know, please leave a comment. I printed these a long time ago. 

And this is also another math work. Sets by function and equal/not equal. We are also going to study about greater than and less than and review money. 


For Civics, we are going to study all about being a Filipino, the family, needs of a family and review parts of a house. I'm sorry I can't take photos as the book is from the school and I don't want to get into trouble. 

For other activities, we are going to do popcorn words and some painting. I don't have other activities in mind as of right now but we will probably do puzzles and he can do Play-Doh with mom. I can't handle Play-Doh now as the last time I did, I had a reaction to the wheat. It's hard for us to have some physical activities. I need to bring him to the gym in the mall in order to do that. It's not safe to be running around our street. 

He rarely uses crayons. He likes paints instead. 

We use a variety of brushes and sponges for painting


Technology is the easiest part as we have a lot of learning apps in my phone and the iPad. I just let my son play with those apps or watch YouTube. He likes watching train strategy games. 

So that's it for this weeks activities and lessons. I hope you found this post helpful for your own homeschool lesson planning. 


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