Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Learning Activities to Do on a Rainy Day

The wet season is here! I couldn't be happier! I think now my urticaria will leave me alone. On the other hand, rainy days mean staying indoors for a long, long time. My son needs/craves regular activities so today, I'll share with you some of our best hits. My son started some of these activities when he was just 7 months old. I advise that you supervise your child at all times when doing these activities.

The first activity is dropper painting

This is a super easy and super cheap activity. Just get a medicine dropper, some paint and a drawing book. You can get medicine droppers at Mercury or Watsons for only 5 pesos, I think. For the paint, you can use any kid-safe paint. Add some water so that it will be easier to suction. This is great for strengthening little fingers too. 

Next is finger painting

My son has been finger painting since he was 5 months old so this truly is a hit in our house. Now that he's older though, he avoids it because he doesn't like getting his hands dirty. I don't know what it is with gifted kids and getting their hands dirty/wet. He uses different kinds of brushes nowadays.

Puzzles are also a favorite

My son started doing these Melissa & Doug puzzles when he was 7 months old. We have several versions of these but his favorite one is the cars. There are many wooden puzzles like these at National Bookstore too. 


I printed these off from a blog. I'm so sorry, I can't remember. If you own this activity, please put a shoutout so I can put a link to your blog. I've had these since my son was just several months old and we have been doing it ever since. I don't think we were able to finish all the letters. We didn't have the dabbers when we started this activity so I bought circle stickers from National and colored them accordingly. My BFF also was kind enough to print them and laminate them. 


My son loves to sort stuff. I just cup up some straws and gave him the corresponding colored bowls to fill. You can do different variations of this activity. You can use magnetic fruits, big beads, etc. 

Water Tray

We don't have a water table so a water tray will do. I mix in some food coloring with the water to make it more exciting. Sometimes I put his favorite sharks in too. Just get some bowls, measuring cups, bottles, etc. This activity keeps him busy for about half an hour. When he starts to pour the water outside the tray, I pack up. 


Magnets are also fun and help your kids become creative. We have this Iron Man set and a Toy Story set. I encourage my son to tell stories while playing with the magnets. 

If you want to save these ideas, please feel free to save the photo below in your Pinterest board. 


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