Monday, June 27, 2016

Make Learning Simple Addition Fun and a FREE Printable

A lot of people don't like Math and for good reason. I used to love Math when I was a kid. I would breeze through Math problems effortlessly. But that's because my mom was a Math major and I had excellent teachers all throughout grade school. When I entered high school, Math became a nightmare subject. My first year teacher was a terrible teacher. She would whisper (yes, whisper!) while teaching. The whole class would move to the front just to be able to hear her. Aside from that, she did not explain the concepts thoroughly. Because a lot of my classmates were from private schools and had advanced Math lessons, she would move on to the next topic even though we, public school graduates, still do not understand the topic. Sometimes she would ask if the class already knows a certain topic and when the private school graduates would raise their hands, she would skip the topic entirely. That was the beginning of my nightmare.

Today, as a homeschool mom, I do everything I can to make learning fun for my twice exceptional child. Math is one of those subjects that I make an extra effort on. I use different manipulatives for our Math drills such as this one:

I got a few sets of these cupcake toys and a set of flash cards. We use them for our cupcake shop play activity. 

I put the "order" on the Orders Board and my son places the correct number of cupcakes on the tray and delivers them to me, the customer. He likes it when I call him Chef. This is pretend play at its finest. It has role playing, language and communication practice, etiquette practice and of course, Math. 

We use different toys such as donuts, fruits, etc. I know these can be expensive and not everyone has the resources to do the same thing that is why, I am giving you a FREE printable. Just download and print! No need to go out and buy stuff! 


Be creative with your approach. I'm sure you have some magnetic numbers, wooden numbers or even foam numbers for your kids. Use them when "playing" with this printable. When you download this freebie, please don't forget to leave a rating and comment in my TPT shop. This is the first (of many) printables that I am offering in my shop so please be kind. Constructive criticisms are welcome but please be nice! I hope you enjoy this! Let me know how you and your child use this in the comments below.


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