Thursday, June 16, 2016

Shopping at National Bookstore and This Month's Homeschool Haul

To say that I love National Bookstore is an understatement. You see, for a loooooong time, National Bookstore was the only 'complete' bookstore in the Philippines. Other bookstores will just sell mainly books. Others will sell some books and school/office supplies but National Bookstore has everything you need whether for school, office and now for us, homeschool. They have books, school and office supplies, gadgets, electronics, gift items and everything else in between. I could spend hours in that shop. Every time we go to the mall, I need to make a pit stop there. Today, I had a few minutes to myself while my son and mom enjoyed a train ride. I decided to take photos of some of the new things on stock and other things that I feel are helpful for a mom of a 2-3-year old for homeschooling or just putting in a travel bag.

First are these Crayola Mess Free Coloring Sheets

We already have a few of these which I got when they were on sale. These are expensive here in Manila so I stock up whenever I see them on sale.

Happy Street Books

I saw these books last year, looked at them, wanted to buy them but decided to put them back on the shelf. Huge mistake! The one that I like is no longer in stock but I did get one book which I will show you later. 

We love Usborne books and these books are really great. I didn't buy them because my son is too young for them. These are thick, heavy books that are great for older children. They're quite expensive too at Php600+.

Busy Books

We have a ton of busy books! We just love them! They keep my son busy for a long time. It helps foster creativity and storytelling too. These are for boys and girls. Sorry for the blurry pic. I took these in a hurry. 

Finding Dory

This is the Finding Dory display and I was drooling over the different books and items while I was queuing at the cashier's. I kept looking at the display last Tuesday while the attendant was still putting it together. My son has not watched the movie yet but Finding Nemo keeps playing on cable and he watched some parts and he said he liked it. He asked me and my mom to buy him some books today. 

Holy Bible for Minecrafters

What? First the Lego Holy Bible and now this? My son will surely like this. He is a Minecraft fan but I'm more of a Lego girl so I'll buy the Lego one soon. 


These Sanayang Adarna workbooks are pretty good. They are in Filipino but the exercises are pretty good. 

These other workbooks from ETL are also good We use a few ETL books in our homeschool as supplements. 

We love these Pull the Tabs books. We already have this dinosaur book. We used it a lot during our Dinosaur Dig days. 

Water Wow

These M&D Water Wow books are da bomb! My son absolutely adores them! It keeps him busy for a few minutes. I like the fact that it has a pen storage, however, the pen leaks and we usually bring this when we're going out. Be sure to store them upright. I usually put it on its side that's why it leaks. I don't have tall bags. Oh, well. We still love them. 

Now for the HAUL!

The ones below are from Toys R Us. 

This Finding Dory memory game is from National Bookstore. Of course, my son couldn't wait to open it. We opened it yesterday while waiting for the food in a restaurant. He's a champ at these memory games. 

Let me know if you like more posts like this in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed window shopping with me!


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