Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tricky Words Fruit Picking Activity with Printables

As you may already know, we do a lot of activities in our homeschool to make learning fun. Reading is one of the most important subjects I put an extra effort on. This is one example of a sight words reading activity from The Measured Mom.

There are apple sight words too which we put on the tree and then my son picks out the correct apple word. I say the word and he picks them from the tree and puts them in this basket. This is a Shopkins basket, by the way. 

Now that he is a more advanced reader, I made a similar activity but this time using tricky words such as words that start with sh, th, etc. 

I used mangosteen fruits for this one because mangosteen is not a common fruit among many countries. It is pretty common here in the Philippines so I think using it will add to a child's fruit vocabulary. You can also read about the mangosteen fruit and its benefits with your child after you do this activity!

These are just some of the words included in this activity pack. The tree above is also included. Just laminate and cut them out if you want to use velcro dots or adhesives on the back of the fruits. Be sure to laminate the tree also. I will not laminate these anymore. I just printed them on vellum. I also printed them on fast draft setting to save on ink. Then, I will just cut them out. 

We will also use these foam trees I got from Popular Bookstore in Singapore. I might make a game out of these one of these days and of course, I'll share it with you. 

I hope you found this post useful! Please leave a comment on how you will use this activity in your homeschool. 


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