Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Homeschool Products that I've Discovered

This is another late post as I saw these items last week. I checked over the weekend and they are still available so don't worry if you want to buy some or all of them

From National Bookstore

We love Usborne books and this is the Wipe-Clean version of the book we use. See here

They have all the books from 1-4. They also have other books in this version such as the writing numbers above. I didn't buy any because we already have more than enough wipe-clean books. 

This is another Usborne book. This is the Look and Tell Bible, perfect for younger students who are learning sight words while learning about the Bible. 

From SM

I also love visiting the stationery section of SM as they have a ton of resources for homeschoolers. I saw these scented Frozen pens. 

They also had this book in stock. Sorry for the photo. I was in a hurry. This book has great exercises for preschoolers. 

This is also another good book for building vocabulary. 

That's it for this week's find. If you want weekly updates on what's new in homeschool products and resources, please subscribe to my email feeds on the right. Thank you! 


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