Friday, November 4, 2016

Morning Work - Two Sparkly Pattern Making Activities

There's something about glittery and shiny things that get kids' attention. My son started liking glittery stuff when he saw a set of glitter paint in American Bazaar. He rarely asks me to buy him stuff but when he saw that set, he asked me to buy it for him.

Since then, I've been adding glitter to our activities. Check out these glitter activities that both boys and girls will surely love!

Sparkly Pompom Pattern Making Activity


Sparkly pompoms
popsicle sticks
circle stickers
Sharpies, colors same as the pompoms
a plastic baggie or pouch

Let's do this!

Color each circle sticker, peel them off and stick to the popsicle sticks. Be sure to leave a space or two at the end. 

Tell the child to follow the pattern. Put pompoms on the correct color stickers and when he reaches the end, ask him what pompom comes next. I made harder patterns but you can always start with ABAB.

After playing, you can put them all inside a plastic baggie or pouch. This is a great busy bag activity too!

Jewel Sticks Pattern Making Activity 


jewel stickers
popsicle sticks
plastic baggie

Let's do this!

Peel the stickers and stick on the popsicle sticks. Make a pattern and ask your child to follow it and then ask what comes next. This is a harder activity as the sticks are of a different color than the stickers so it can be confusing but it can also be a good challenge for your kids. 

When you're done, place them in a pouch or plastic baggie. That's two busy bags for you!

If you want to save these ideas for your own homeschool, feel free to Pin the image below.


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