Sunday, May 7, 2017

My Scholastic Book Buffet Hauls 1 and 2

This is our first time in the Scholastic Book Buffet event. I learned about it from my son's teacher. Then one day, my sister sent me a photo of their poster. Mom and I went on the first day. Here are a few pics. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the event, the Book Buffet is an all-you-can-stuff-inside-the-box for only P799. It is a warehouse sale. Some books are not the best quality anymore but just be patient and you may find a nicer copy. 

I wasn't able to take photos/videos of our first haul. We got 2 boxes at P799 each. Our total bill was Php24,000+ but only paid P799 each. We also got a tote full of discounted books. 

This is the box that you will stuff. The box needs to be able to close properly. No folding, rolling of books. 

This is our second haul just from this weekend:

Here's a video of most of my haul. The video got corrupted in the middle. I don't know what happened.


Wear comfy clothing. It's hot and dusty. If you have allergies, don't forget to bring a mask. 

These are mostly children's and teens books. Also some reference books and books for book reports. I saw a Game of Thrones novel yesterday but apart from that, there are no other adult books. Harry Potter books and Geronimo Stilton books are on sale. 

If you homeschool your child, please go! You will get plenty of resources here. One box is enough to fill a whole year of curricula, for only P799.

Only one section is allotted for the book buffet. The other side is for discounted books. 

Check or ask for the price before checking out. There was a price sticker on the book saying P198 then it had a 50% off on top. I thought the P198 was less 50% when I get to the counter. Turns out, the P198 is already the discounted price. I had to cancel a couple of books because of this. 

There is another area at the back (go around the warehouse) where they sell newer books at discounted prices. We were not able to go as we didn't know. There were plenty of parked cars blocking the tarpaulin. We will go back and check that out and I'll report back to you guys.

Parking is available inside the warehouse. Very few taxis travel that area so book a Grab or Uber ride. The books will be heavy. 

You can bring kids with you but bring them on a Sunday where there are hardly any customers. 

They are open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. They are also open on holidays. 

Have you been to this year's book buffet? I want to see your haul!


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