Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter Gifts for Girls of Different Ages

This is part two of my Easter Gifts Series. If you’ve missed part one, you can check it out here.

Today, I will be showing you gifts for our god daughters. They range from ages 4 to 9.

easter gifts for girls fo different ages


I got the pails from the supermarket a long time ago. They are no longer available in the supermarket. They are so hard to find! Anyway, they are plain pails with covers. I just embellished them with stickers, scrapbook paper and other scrapbook decorations. I hot glued the decorations on the pail.


I also made the cards. You can see how I made them here.


This one is for the 4-year old. I wasn’t able to photograph the contents one by one because I was rushing. I photographed these while my son was napping. I had very little time to do a lot so I will just enumerate them here:

  • stickers
  • girl figurine from Doraemon
  • a bottle of bubbles
  • some play dough
  • 2 loom bracelets
  • speckled balls
  • white chocolate Easter eggs
  • chocolate Easter eggs
I also lined the bottom of the pail with some shredded crepe paper.


For the 8-year-old:
  • stickers
  • a tub of play dough
  • earrings
  • animal keychain
  • speckled balls
  • 2 loom bracelets
  • white chocolate Easter eggs
  • chocolate Easter eggs


The 9-year-old got the same contents but with more “grown-up” colors and stickers.

I hope you enjoyed this post. For ideas on what to give your BFF, click here.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s gift ideas. If you haven’t, subscribe to my mailing list or follow me in Bloglovin’!


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