Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Fun Finds

I've been busy the last couple of days that is why there is a lack of post. Anyway, we got some shopping done today and here are a few interesting things I found. 

We love ice cream in our family. If my boys had their way, they would eat ice cream five times a day. This yogurt ice cream from Magnolia is a good alternative. I bought a few and we tasted them this afternoon and they are really good. They don't have that sour and cardboard-y taste that other yogurt ice creams have. BFF Ahne, if you are reading this, you might wanna try it. I know how much you hate yogurt but these really taste like ice cream.  

Next is this Olay body wash duo. This is our current favorite body wash although not in these variants but they will suffice. The pack is a great bargain so I got it. Check out our favorite here.

Finally, this Johnson's baby wash. We try different body washes from time to time. We have tried this before and we really liked it. It is really great for active toddlers. My son stays fresh for a long time even with all his running, climbing, wriggling, etc. The pack contains a full size wash and a refill at Php20 off. 

What are your Sunday Fun Finds?


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