Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Coming Home Gifts from Malaysia

This is part two of my post about home coming gift ideas from Malaysia. Read part one here

These are the gifts my sister gave me.

This is for my son who is a certified Hot Wheels junkie. 

These are dates.

We always stock up on Himalayan Pink Salt whenever we go there. My sister hoards them, I don't know why because she rarely cooks. I'm the one who uses this salt all the time. It's a good thing she gives me the bulk of her haul.

I asked her to bring me some pistachios as they are my favorite!!

Another thing that I taught her to hoard are these shower creams/gels. I will make a review of them one by one and post them in my beauty blog.

This is for my son too:

These are just some of the things she got. She bought two empty suitcases and they were all filled to the brim when she came back. Oh, how I miss Malaysia! I need to go there asap! I hope you got pasalubong ideas from my posts for when you visit Malaysia. 


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