Monday, July 6, 2015

Simple Toys for Our Busy Box

You all know how much we like busy boxes around here. I pull one out whenever I run out of activities for my 2-year old. We like perusing the aisles of NBS every week and my son found a few things he wanted to add to his busy box. He inspected the toys one by one and finally decided on these three items.

Sorry for the sucky photo. I took this at night, in a hurry as he wanted to open them already. I admire my son for being patient at his age. He has learned that mommy has to take a photo of almost everything first before opening them.

The items are pick up sticks, a magic cube and some cardboard play coins. He started playing with pick up sticks back when he was just a few months old. I just let him play with them, with supervision of course. Then we went on to this activity. Nowadays, we get creative with pick up sticks.

The next item is a magic cube which my son hates because he can't get the little cubes apart. They are all connected to one another. You can make different shapes and forms with it.

Finally, a set of cardboard play coins. He likes playing with money, pretending shopping or getting his allowance and I thought this would be perfect to add to our grocery shopping/restaurant play times.

If you want to know how to start a busy box of your own, visit this post. You can also subscribe to my mailing list for more inspiration. I will be blogging more about our busy boxes in the coming days.


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