Wednesday, January 13, 2016

6 Cheap Weekend Ideas for the Family

In my last post, I shared ways on how to spend time with your spouse without shelling out a ton of cash. Well, I am still on that cheap mindset so today, I will be sharing with you a few ways on how to enjoy the weekend with the family without ruining your budget.

Go outside and play

This is the cheapest way to get some sunshine and exercise for our family. We go out and let our son drive his 'car' around the street until he gets tired or when it gets dark. It's a good exercise for my husband and I as we take turns walking with/pushing our son. Because of this, my son has asked us to buy him a bike. Ay, mama mia! Perhaps on his birthday but for now, we will enjoy this cheap ride.

If you have older kids, play sports such as basketball, badminton, volleyball or go biking around the neighborhood.

Read books together

My son devours books like there's no more tomorrow so we have a huge collection. My grandfather shared his love of books with me when I was very young. He would always bring me to the bookstore on pay day and let me pick one to bring home. I am so blessed that God provides for our books! I buy my son plenty of books when the budget allows. We read every day but something about reading with daddy present on a Saturday afternoon makes it extra special. My husband and I take turns reading to our little one.

I make it more special by pulling out a new book every week. I buy a ton of books and save them. I only take out one book at a time so there's always something new to read. 

Movie Parties

I have a bunch of party supplies at home like special ice cream glasses, balloons and small gifts. We ask our son what he wants to watch and I make it into a big event. I get ice cream, chips, cake (when there are leftovers) or cookies. We also allow him to eat a little more candy than usual such as 5 gummi bears instead of 3. 

Make your own homemade pops for cheaper party treats. 

Do Arts and Crafts

My son likes finger painting and water coloring. I like scrapbooking and planner making. I usually involve him in my projects. He tinkers with the stickers, embellishments and anything that he can get his hands on. On the other hand, when he paints, my husband and I join in on the fun. 

This photo was taken when he was just several months old. 

Go to the Park

When we want some exercise and fresh air, we go to the park. It's cheap. I only need to bring snacks and cold water and of course, a change of clothes. We just run around the park until my son gets tired. When budget permits, we eat at one of the restaurants in Ayala Triangle. 

Bring out the toys

Aside from books, we have a ton of toys at home. My son loves playing with cars, Play-Doh, Lego, etc. On Sunday afternoons, we bust out the big toys like the Lego play sets or the Chuggington train set and enjoy watching our son squeal with delight. 

Sometimes, we bring out his tent and fill it with plastic balls. It's like a ball pool but in tent edition. 

There you have it! I hope you were able to get some ideas for this coming weekend. Enjoy!


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