Thursday, March 31, 2016

Letter A Activities

I've been looking at my archives and it seems I'm not very consistent with featuring the activities we do in our homeschool. I've been homeschooling my son since he was 5 months old. We do many activities and learn many lessons everyday. For those who are new here, my son is a twice exceptional 2-year old. He is enrolled in a school for gifted but he is in the blended/homeschool program. Starting today, I will be featuring more of our activities to help Filipino moms like me with their homeschooling journey. Homeschooling has been in the Philippines since the 1980's but it's only now that it's gaining momentum. It's so hard to find resources and support groups here that is why I am sharing our journey with you.

Today, I'm featuring some of our letter A activities. My son already knew his alphabet even before he turned one. I'd have to say though that it was my mom who was responsible for that. She taught my son the alphabet, counting, colors and shapes starting at 6 months old. I just reinforced the knowledge with activities. I was still a little bit lost then but thank God, He guided me and still guides me through this.

The first activity is an apple collage. I just printed an apple outline from the internet, cut up some colored paper and applied glue to each one. I asked my son to stick them to the apple. 

I know this is not an A activity but it is a red activity. A and red usually go together and we were also studying the color red that day so why not. 

I just gave the little one some red finger paint from my awesome National Bookstore Warehouse Sale haul  and he did the rest. 

Printable from

Next is this do-a-dot A pictures. We don't have Bingo Dabbers here in Manila or Do-a-Dot pens so I used round stickers from National Bookstore and just colored them with Sharpies. Even today, my son still loves doing this sticker activity. He also drew on them after. 

Finally, this hand/arm apple tree. We traced his hand up to his forearm on different colored papers and then he stuck the 'apples', well, everywhere. He said some of the apples are already dropping to the ground.

If you want to save these activities, feel free to Pin the photo below. 


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