Monday, June 13, 2016

10 Homeschool Break Time Activities

Kids have very short attention spans. My son especially. So, I make it a point to put some activities in between his lessons. Sometimes, he likes to plow through his lessons. On most days, he needs a break after two subjects. That's where these simple activities come in. The activities should not take a long time to do otherwise my son will lose interest in his studies. Check out these activities if you and your kids need a break in between homeschool lessons. 


My son loves puzzles. These two wooden puzzles are great for young kids. My son has since progressed to the more complicated puzzles but they are still perfect for taking a break from his regular lessons. My son mastered the puzzle below when he was just 7 months old. Although these are too simple for him now, he still enjoy playing with them. 


My son loves stickers and I think most kids do. He also loves studying about flags so this is the perfect activity for him. I got this set from the Toy Kingdom warehouse sale. 


These magnets are great to encourage creativity in young children. I got this set from the National Bookstore Warehouse sale. 


My son hates writing so I make practicing fun. I forgot where I got these printables but they are super easy to make yourself. (If you own these printables please leave a comment so I can link back to you)


Dominos are great fun for us. My son usually just stacks them up or queues them up. Older kids can play one round then go back to studying. 

Foam puzzles 

Foam puzzles are great practice for small fingers to get ready for more fine motor work. 

Magna Doodle

We only have this small set because my son prefers writing on the white board. I suggest a bigger set for younger kids. This set is small because it used to be in our travel bag.  

Pickup Sticks

These are great for fine motor and hand-eye coordination practice. Sometimes we play, other times I just let him do whatever he wants with the sticks. 

Interactive books

Read a book or better yet, an interactive book. The Cars on the left is a Magnet book. You and your child can sing The Wheels on the Bus while flipping through the pages. Olaf's 1-2-3 is a counting and touching/feeling book. 

Busy Books

If you need a little bit more time (say, you need to prepare lunch), these busy books are great solutions. 

You can't leave little kids with this set though as the pieces are small. My son was 9 months old when he started playing with busy books and he didn't really go through that oral phase where he puts everything he gets his hands on in his mouth. He knows that these are toys and that he should not put them in his mouth. These are choking hazards so don't give these to younger kids if you know they still put things in their mouth. For older kids, this is sure to bring 15-30 minutes of fun. That's just enough time to put together a sandwich or heat last nights leftovers for lunch.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you want to save these ideas for later, feel free to pin the image below to your Pinterest board. 


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