Wednesday, July 6, 2016

This Week's Homeschool Finds

I went to the mall yesterday and found many new resources for the homeschooling mom in the Philippines. For international readers, you can easily find most of the items I will feature here as they are mostly international brands/books. Here they are.

National Bookstore

My day in the mall is never complete without a visit to National Bookstore. Here's what I found:

These LKG books have good exercises for Kindergarten students. 

I wanted this Star Wars activity book but it was expensive at Php300+!

These Rainbow books mostly have writing exercises.

Sorry for the blurry pic. I didn't realize it was blurry until I downloaded it. These are Mini Busy Books. The first is Ocean themed. The next one contains race cars and the last one is Three Little Pigs. I wanted to buy the Three Little Pigs but changed my mind because we already have the Three Little Pigs sticker scene.

These wooden games are great for brain breaks. The one in the middle is for teaching same shapes. The one on the left is a box of letter blocks. The last one on the right is an alphabet puzzle with knobs perfect for little fingers. 

Toys R Us

I am a huge collector of toys so after National Bookstore, I make sure to drop by Toys R Us to see what's new. 

They also have a lot of books and learning materials in the Glorietta branch. I used to buy a lot of early learner books here shortly after I gave birth to Zac. 

They also have these really cute farm house puzzles. You can use these for teaching animal names, farm animals, colors, etc. It's a good investment. I wish they had these when we were first learning about animal classifications. 


My new favorite hangout is Powerbooks. I used to ignore Powerbooks because it's out of the way and I didn't renew my membership card anymore when it expired but a few weeks ago, I visited it again and I was blown away with the learning resources that they have. So now, I always make it a point to visit this bookstore. 

These are huge!! They are the bigger versions of these 1st class books that we have.

The book below is a pretty good book about learning numbers. 

If you have a toddler, I highly recommend these books from Usborne. 

They also have this display of books and learning aids that are Php100 and below. (Except the Guinness World Records book). So many things to help the homeschooling mom and at a decent price!

Fully Booked

My final stop was Fully Booked. I also love this bookstore as they have many unique and interesting finds I can't see anywhere else such as these:

I didn't see a lot of books that I like but this one caught my eye:

A lot of the books in Fully Booked are expensive because they are mostly imported so I try to stay in budget whenever I'm in this store...which usually is a fail. =D

I hope this post helped you with your homeschooling journey with your preschoolers!


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