Sunday, June 26, 2016

Homeschool Kindergarten 1 June 2016 Week 3 Lessons

Hey, everyone! We have a busy week ahead of us. As you may know, we celebrated my son's birthday last week so we didn't get to do a lot of studying while on our staycation in the hotel. We are going to make up for the lost time this week. I got his syllabus but the books are not yet available as are the worksheets so my husband and I bought a ton of books and materials last Saturday after the Parents' Conference in school.

As always, I need my Lesson Clipboard. I prepare five sheets on Sundays so that I'm ready for the week.

Then these are our everyday books.

Comm Arts

For Comm Arts, we will study plural nouns, proper and common nouns.


We will study body coverings of animals, review baby animals, animal needs, movement and sounds.


For civics, we will cover our house, duties at home and will answer exercises.


We now have a Filipino subject. My son doesn't speak a lot of Filipino because English is his first language. That's because English is easier to learn than Filipino. Filipino words are mostly long and hard to pronounce. We will start with the Filipino alphabet and sight words. Here are the books that we will use.


For Math, we will have a money exercise, practice writing numbers 2-6 and do some addition. 

Table Time 

We will practice telling time, do some Frog Subtraction using this set, assemble, read and play with our Happy Street books (I got some new ones), do some dot-to-dot exercises (as it is included in the syllabus) and play with our new blackboard and chalk set.


We are going to practice reading these books. 

Brain Breaks and Afternoon Activities

For brain breaks and afternoon activities, we will work on our Phonics Workbook, play with the Dory Magnetic book, work on different puzzles and play with the sticker scene book. 


If my son asks for more activities, we will work on the following books. 

This will also be a part of our reading list this week. He really enjoys this book. As for other storytelling time books, I will let him choose. 

Other activities that we will do are these new Busy Books, the What Comes After set (new) and Play-Do sushi and dim sum making. 

I put my teaching materials in a big organizer but it's already overflowing so I put some of our daily books in my son's grocery cart and the other books in a book organizer. But now we have more books so I got his wagon and put his activities for the week there. 

You might think that this is too much for a 3-year old but my son thrives on activities. He needs to constantly be busy otherwise he will act up. I was taking a nap this afternoon and heard him say, "I want to study, I want to study." Today is Sunday and I give him the weekends off. Yesterday, when he saw the new activity books, he immediately asked to do several activities. We finished a lot and it was like a homeschool day. I'm actually still worried as what I have prepared might not be enough so I also have some printables as back up. Oh, and we will also read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and do some related activities.

That's it for this week's set of lessons and activities. If you want to save these ideas for later, feel free to Pin this on your Pinterest board.


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