Monday, August 1, 2016

Kindergarten 1 Homeschool Lessons - August 2016 Week 1

It has been a very hectic day today so this post is late.

Comm Arts

  • members of the family
  • parts of the house
  • rooms in the house
  • Vowels - I, O


We're using a new book this week. The title is Learning English Through Science but I'm using it mainly for Science. Our school worksheets still have not arrived so we are still using our own resources. 
  • expressions/emotions
  • how to be healthy and strong
  • places in school
  • direction and movement
  • living and non-living
  • living things that live on land


  • Rules and regulations
  • Traffic signs
  • my country


I decided to put our Filipino lessons in our interactive notebook starting this week so that my son will be more motivated to study. He doesn't like studying Filipino. 
  • bahagi ng katawan
  • sight words
  • shapes


  • patterns
  • zero
  • one


  • L - O
We were not able to read a lot of books last week as my son wanted more activities so we will just go through our list from then .

Stay tuned for our activities this week and our interactive notebook!

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