Thursday, August 11, 2016

Road Trip Lunch and Road Trip Finds at Landers

I'm starting a new series about road trip lunches. We go to school once a week for my son's special classes. The school is an hour and a half drive so I need to pack some food for the long drive back home. I don't want my husband driving on an empty stomach. So, we eat in the car before we leave.

Two weeks ago, I prepared sliders. I tried searching for sliders in my food blog but it seems I haven't featured one yet. Will get to that soon.

For last Saturday, I prepared some adobo burritos. I deviated from the recipe in my blog a little bit. I didn't have cilantro so I skipped that. I'm reacting to tomatoes so I skipped that as well. I used regular organic eggs instead of salted eggs. I also omitted the egg whites and just used hard boiled yolks. This was a simpler version because I needed to prepare it quickly as we needed to leave the house early.

This is how it looked like before I rolled it up. My son loved these burritos and finished one for his lunch. 

After rolling, I wrapped it in foil and put them in this plastic tray. I also packed some chips. I got a cooler last June for my son's birthday staycation week and it turned out to be a worthy investment. I use it regularly for grocery shopping and now every week to keep our drinks cold. I asked my husband to buy some ice at 7-11 and I packed a Coke for him and a bottle of ice tea which my son and I shared. This was a simple meal that kept us full and upped our energy. When we got home, we had more time to rest and spend the rest of the day enjoying each other's company. I didn't have to worry about cooking and there were no dishes to wash.

On a different note, as you may know, we did a bit of shopping at Landers over the weekend. I found a few useful things for a road trip. Check them out!

Popcorn, but these are jalapeno flavored

I didn't realize the pic was blurry so sorry for that. This is great if you want to keep your salads fresh and crisp. You can also put dried fruit, nuts, crackers and chocolate into each compartment. It's the perfect snack box for the whole family for the long drive. 

They have Ikea tumblers and plates. These are great to bring on staycations and on short road trips. Don't bring them if you don't have a place to wash them after using. They will get nasty. 

Chocolate covered nuts and raisins. Need I say more? Road Trip staples!

My son loves gummy candy. I didn't get this because these are too big. I got the smaller Wonka ones. 

Candy, just to ease the boredom in a long drive. You can also use these as prizes for good behaviour in the car. Just give the kids a little at a time. 

Wanted some LaffyTaffy but this was too big for us. 

Will probably get this huge bag of candies in December. These will be great for giveaways. 

Thomas shortbread cookies. I asked my son if he wanted one but said, 'nah'.

Peppa Pig chocolate chip cookies. I regret not buying a pack for my niece who loves Peppa. 

Contigo water bottles. You need water bottles in any road trip. Avoid using disposable bottles to reduce your trash while on the road. 

These lunch boxes are so cute! I wasn't able to inspect the inside as we have no need for them at the moment. Give your kids a box each for personalized meals. 

Gatorade is one of my favorite drinks. It's great for hydration. Did you know that you can drink Gatorade even when your're pregnant? It was summer during my second trimester and you know how unbearably hot our summers are. We didn't have AC then so my OB-GYN told me to drink half a small glass of Gatorade daily. My baby and I both loved it!

These snack kits are not new to me.I saw them at S&R several moons back. If you frequent S&R, I'm sure you're familiar with this too. For those of you who are not familiar, this is a set of crackers and tuna spread. I can't eat canned tuna as it's very high in histamine. Allergy alert! But if you're not allergic, this is great to bring on a road trip.  

Next week, I'll share with you another Road Trip Lunch so watch out for that. If you want to see what other stuff you can buy at Landers, check out this post. 


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