Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Shopping at Landers

We were finally able to go shopping at Landers over the weekend. If you are not familiar, Landers is a membership store much like S&R where they sell mostly imported items. In my opinion, the prices are much higher here but they do have plenty of products that S&R does not carry.

I took a lot of photos so I spread them over my three blogs. I'll put the links after this post so you can see them all.

Johnson's Baby Naturals, not entirely organic but better than the original. 

This aisle is urticaria-friendly. 

They have a ton of these small toys and accessories for babies. They are priced fairly too. 

This tub is great to take to the beach. You can also use this for Kinetic Sand. 

Dr. Teals is my mom's favorite brand of Epsom salt. They have different products from this brand. I also like having Epsom salt soaks. It's very beneficial to one's health. 

Bags and luggage for travel! The Samsonite below is a good deal - a set of 3 for only Php12k+

Great for camping or just lounging around the house. 

Tea heaven! 

Allergen reducer - it says it reduces allergens on clothes and fabrics. Hmmm...

Here are some of the things I got.

President's Choice Chocolate Snack (really good), Randoms gummy candy, Johnson's Baby Naturals Shampoo, Hershey's Shell for ice cream nights, a big pack of Muscovado sugar (so cheap at only 60 pesos!) and Animal Frosted Cookies from Keebler. I also got a box of frozen popcorn shrimp and a baking spray. 

We went to S&R after this trip and I ended up buying more stuff at S&R than at Landers. I guess Landers is really more expensive. 

I have another post about what you can find at Landers so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, you can check out my kitchen finds in my food blog and my health and beauty finds in my beauty blog.


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