Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is there anything better than pork belly?

Yes, barbecued pork belly!


We love fried pork belly in our house but I don’t serve it often because one, it’s expensive and two, it’s not very healthy. One day, while doing my usual grocery shopping at Rustan’s Fresh Century City, I saw these barbecued pork belly on BOGO! Get 500g and you get another 500g free! I couldn’t pass up the offer. And, knowing that they have a very good chef that does all the marinating, I immediately got 2 packs to take home with me.

I wasn’t disappointed! This was really good! I just cooked them in a grill pan and topped with chopped spring onions. My husband got his favorite Sukang Pinakurat dip. I love buying pre-cooked or prepared stuff at Century City because they don’t disappoint. They are very helpful on lazy nights or nights when I am too tired to do a lot of cooking.

I also cut the fattiness of this dish by serving some bitter gourd.



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