Saturday, July 16, 2016

Homeschool Activities for the Past Two Weeks

We have a lesson plan and a schedule but we don't always follow it. There are a lot of factors that affect our homeschool schedule daily. I have a lesson plan as a guide. I look at it and see what we are supposed to do for the day. If we accomplish everything, great. If not, that's okay too. Tomorrow is another day. Also, having a dual exceptional child means everything is unpredictable. If he's not in the mood, he won't study or do any activities. If he is, then he is just an Energizer bunny. 

I decided to post our activities separately as they are a lot and I think they deserve their own post. These are what we have done for the past 2 weeks. 


We do some gardening daily. I used to plant a lot when I was a kid and I thought the sunshine and fresh air would be great for my son. Aside from that, gardening teaches him to be responsible and have a daily routine. He has those yellow flowers and he planted some cucumber seeds 2 weeks ago. They have since blossomed. We have also added a few more vegetables to our mini garden. I will post photos of them as soon as I can. 

Cupcake Subtraction 

This is a variation on our Cupcake Addition game. I used the subtraction cards for my "orders" then one of his toys would come along and ask for some cupcakes. For example, the card is 7-2. He will give me 7 cupcakes and then Lightning would come along and ask for 2 then I will ask him how many I have left. 


He also did some writing practice.

He made the ones below at 10pm on a Tuesday. He suddenly had the urge to write when he saw the flash cards below then he asked me to get his other writing cards. 

Happy Street Books

We finally set up our Happy Street Books which I showed you in an earlier post. We have four - Doctor, Supermarket, Bakery and Book Shop.



Book Shop



I'm so thankful to the Lord that I don't react to Play-Doh anymore! We are now able to pull out our sets and have some fun. This is the milkshake set which I gave him for his Moving Up gift. There's a problem with the cover of the maker. When you try to spin the lever, the cover moves up so we really can't make any milkshakes. Oh, well. At least we can use the ice cream maker set and also the other parts of this set. 


As you may already know, my son is a huge builder. He loves blocks and other building toys so naturally, he loves Lego. He was making a Lego plane at 11pm on the same Tuesday night he had an urge to write. Yes, he has that much energy. This was after his writing practice at 10pm.

Spelling Fun 

He did a few cards in this set. 

Some more Lego

Chuggington Domino Game

We had fun playing this domino set. This is actually our third domino set. We have a regular domino and an animals domino set. 

Numbers Puzzle

He tackled this puzzle from his Lola Tita in the US.

Pretend Slicing 

He calls himself a chef and watches a lot of Food Network shows so when I brought out this set again, he immediately played with it. 

Fun sheets

We played this Hungry Caterpillar dice game from 123homeschool4me. The other fun sheet is also from her. I call these kinds of worksheets fun sheets as they are fun to do. 

Spelling Fun

This is another spelling activity that he did with his grandma. 

Pattern Making

We used these Mickey Pins when he was just 5 months old for grip practice, color identification and just creative play. I was cleaning the room yesterday and he spotted the can so he asked his grandma to do some pattern making with him. 

Froggy Fortune

This is a simple game that I created for our Math drills. You may already be familiar with the frog set which I featured a few weeks back. For this game, my son will try his 'fortune' with the frogs. He will swat a number using one of the two frog swatters and press the daddy frog's eye so that he will spit out a number. We will add or subtract those numbers and he wins the corresponding number of Shopkins and Thomas and Friends Minis. He puts them in his toy train and goes then comes back for another round. It's so simple but he really enjoyed it. 

Grocery Shopping

We have been playing grocery shopping for as long as I can remember. When he started walking at 7 months old, I bought him a shopping cart and filled it with plastic food toys. We used them for color identification, fruit and vegetable identification and some simple counting. This set was a gift from his grandma for his Moving Up. It's a complete grocery set. We use it for math and learning social skills. 

These are some of the things that we did for the past two weeks. When we are not doing activities together, he plays independently with his cars and trains. 


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