Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Gift Series – Giant Easter Eggs for Baby Girls and a Toddler Boy

giant easter eggs for baby girls and a toddler boy

This is the last post on my Easter Gift Series. Click here for Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

My son loves surprise eggs. I actually got this idea from him. When I saw these giant eggs at the toy store, I knew I had to buy them. With the previous gifts, I really didn’t spend a lot. Most of the materials to build the gifts were already in my craft closet. The gifts were in my gift closet.

This first egg is for my god daughter who happens to be my namesake. His dad is a good friend and he named the baby after me.



  • Baby Elmo bib
  • Baby Elmo rattle
  • Baby Elmo socks
  • white chocolate eggs
  • speckled candy balls
The candies are mostly for the parents as this baby is only 5 months old.


Next is for my niece who shares the same birthday with Baby Girl 1. How cool is that? They are both 5 months old.



  • Baby Elmo bib
  • Baby Cookie Monster socks
  • 2 board books
  • speckled candy balls
  • white chocolate eggs
I already gave her the same rattle for V-day so I put books instead.


Lastly, this one is for my nephew/god son who is a month younger than my son.


  • Food keepers – 2 different sizes
  • Bubbles
  • airplane which I disassembled so it will fit inside the egg
  • a Fisher Price sippy cup
  • chocolate eggs
  • white chocolate eggs
  • speckled candy balls

I don’t have stocks of baby gift things in my closet so most of these things were bought a week before I packed them up.

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