Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kindergarten 1 Homeschool Lessons and Interactive Notebook - September 2016 Week 1

Hi, everyone! We were on vacation last week that is why there was a lack of posts. We were not able to do a lot in our homeschool as we had to prepare for our trip so we will just continue where we left off.


Comm Arts

  • my animal friends - farm, pets, forest, sea and exercises
  • letters L, M, N and exercises


  • common Philippine animals
  • how to show love and care for animals
  • common Filipino values


  • review counting exercises
  • sets


  • upper and lower case Q
  • upper and lower case R
My son has been very lazy lately. He refuses to practice writing but I was surprised this morning that he wanted to trace some numbers. I'm not sure how long we will be stuck with the letters above. 

We have also started with this book:

For Science and Filipino, here's our interactive notebook:



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