Friday, November 13, 2015

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized when You Feel Overwhelmed

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Moms...they are wonderful. They seem to never run out of energy...well, probably because there is no end to the things they need to do! Keeping the house organized is one of the top items in every mom's checklist. I know I have a problem keeping our house organized but I try, thanks to a lot of products in the market today.

I am so thankful that I live in a world with abundant technology. Instead of spending hours sweeping the floor, dusting furniture, getting rid of the dust in our fans and AC, I can just use a vacuum cleaner. It's fast and efficient. Here are some of my picks.

Another thing that bugs me are shoes and slippers strewn all over the floor so I use an over the door organizer and another organizer like this one to keep them corralled. If you don't allow shoes in your home, stick one of these by the front door or in the garage.

Shelves are also another amazing and very versatile piece of furniture you can have in your home. Aside from storing books, I use them to store my son's toys and display his art work. I like having different sizes of shelves and racks at home.

For a rack similar to this one, I bought a few baskets and organized the contents into toys, gifts, my son's old clothes, etc. If I see stuff lying around, I just dump them in the basket. No need to spend several minutes organizing them.

I used an old diaper organizer to hide more toys (upper left)

Another sanity saver are clothes racks. I really get ticked when  I see clothes lying around. Having a clothes rack handy allows my husband to toss his clothes over it. Well, I can't expect too much, can't I? I keep a set of hangers close by so that I can hang the clothes properly. This is also useful for drying clothes. Hang your clothes properly while drying so they don't end up with wrinkles and creases. Most of our clothes don't need to be ironed out because of this method. Another time saver!

One item that goes out of control in our house are my son's toys. We have an abundance of them. We regularly give some away but there are still a lot. Well, I only have myself to blame. To keep them organized, I use this kind of drawer:

I have two of these drawers. I use one for toys and the other one for crafts, arts and home school stuff. I chose this instead of the plain ones so that I could teach my 2-year old to clean up after playing. He knows which color drawer a specific toy goes into. I put his favorites (cars, trains, blocks) on the bottom drawers so that it will be easier for him to get them. I use the upper portion to store Play-Doh and other toys that need supervision when playing. 

Minion madness!

These are just some of the things that help keep me sane day-to-day. Being a SAHM and taking care of a messy family is hard work! I do my best and I am really thankful for modern conveniences such as these. I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know what products keep you sane in the comments below. 


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