Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Teaching Left and Right

I have been quiet for a good reason. I've been developing some printables and activities for all my subscribers! So, if you haven't subscribed yet, now's a good time as the goodies will exclusively be for subscribers. Go ahead, just enter your email on the right. While waiting for the printables to go live, let's discuss teaching left and right.

I didn't teach my son the concept of left and right. I think he just got it on his own because whenever we were out walking, I would tell him to turn left or turn right and steer him towards the right direction. When the time came to study about left and right, he just showed me his hands and said, "this is my left hand and this my right hand." I was really surprised.

Even with this development, I still sometimes discuss the concept with him. Here are some of the ways I use to teach him left and right.


I got this book from the Manila International Book Fair and I thought it  would be a fun way to reinforce the lesson and to teach cooperation and sharing. It comes in two languages, English and Filipino so it's very useful when teaching him the concept in Filipino.

Tying board

This board is a multipurpose learning tool. For younger kids you can teach colors. You can also use it as a visual aid when teaching about color sight words.

I stuck some 'L' and 'R' stickers on the shoes to teach the concept. Now we use this to learn how to tie shoelaces.

The delicious smelling hand

My son loves this peppermint Pocketbac. You can put some on just one hand to remind them that this is the right hand or this is the left hand. Smell evokes memories and when your child can't seem to remember his left from right, remind him about which hand smells delicious. On his own, he will always remember that the left/right hand always smells delicious.

Trace and label hand

This is probably one of the simplest and most basic activities for teaching the concept of left and right. My son gets a kick out of tracing his hands so we decided to do this. Oh, and he also decided that his hands would look better with caterpillars stuck on them.


My son loves wearing bracelets. He's 3 and acts like a teenager. He always wears bracelets on his left wrist. It's his choice. You can put a bracelet on your child's wrist to help them remember which is which. 

Hokey pokey Sunday school edition

This is a fun way to learn left and right. Just sing along with the song and act it out!

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