Thursday, August 20, 2015

Marich Chocolates

We like browsing the aisles of Healthy Options. Sure, a lot of their wares are expensive but some are priced okay in my opinion. Some are really delicious with quality ingredients like this box of chocolates. 

These are chocolate covered nuts. My son and I love nuts except for peanuts. It's a good thing he is not allergic to them. The nuts in this chocolate are easy to chew, probably because I keep the box in the fridge. The chocolate is also nice, not too sweet. It is the perfect after lunch dessert for us. We only eat a few pieces at a time as chocolate makes my son constipated. (If you have a constipated kid, try limiting their intake of chocolate). The box will last us a few weeks. 

We also tried the blueberry version of this. It was also delicious but I like nuts better. I think I may have a photo of that somewhere in my archives. I will share it with you soon. 


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