Monday, November 24, 2014

Energy Food

I was never a snacker. I can skip merienda (afternoon snack) and last until dinner but things changed when I got pregnant. Obviously I needed to eat more than 3x a day to keep my energy up and to feed my growing baby. When I gave birth, I needed more food to breastfeed him and to have the energy to do my chores and work.

More than a year later, snacking is still a very important part of my day. I just need to eat something before dinner. I can’t always whip up a sandwich and I really don’t like eating junk food so I stock up on biscuits and easy munchies. This combination helps me keep my strength until dinner time.


Nutella and pretzels! I just dip the pretzels in the jar and enjoy. As you can see, the jar is almost empty that is why I didn’t worry about dipping the pretzels in. I finished this jar after this photo. I don’t do that with a newly opened jar.

Love these small pretzels too. I got them at Rustan’s Supermarket for a little over 50 pesos which is a surprise really considering how expensive pretzels are here and this one came all the way from Germany. I really have to get a bag of these soon. Oh, and a tip. Transfer the pretzels to an air tight container after you open them as they lose their crispness fast. It was a lesson I learned the hard way.


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