Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Baby Haul

This was a haul I made about 2 months ago but did not want to post in my old blog because I didn’t think it belonged there. Now that my husband made this site for me, this is the perfect place to write about it.


Bibs are a staple in my baby hauls. My baby spits up a lot. We finally figured out why – he is lactose intolerant just like me. The doctor changed his milk. He still spits up but it’s so much less now and not as frequent as before. He only spits up when he is super active. He likes to crawl and dive on the bed right after his feeding time.


We went on a staycation (which I need to write about) in November so I bought some jackets for him. I thought he might feel cold when we sleep in the hotel. We don’t have air conditioning at home. He was able to use it for just a few hours. My husband didn’t like the sleeve cuffs as they were too tight and too small. I gave this jacket away.


Good thing I bought another one! He has not used this yet. We will have another staycation soon so I think he will use it then.


Finally, these storage bags that I use to store my baby’s pureed food. I will make a separate review of this product.


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