Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Body Shop Choco Mania Body Scrub


I think I got this back in November. It was part of a set I bought. This came with this product .

This smells absolutely like chocolate cake batter! I felt like I was spreading batter all over my body! I felt uneasy at first but got used to it. The beads are bigger than the lulur scrub. They hurt a bit. I had to rinse it off after just 5 minutes. I usually scrub for 10-15 minutes. This scrub also made my skin itch on the first run.

It also feels like I’m spreading butter all over. After a few scrubs, I can really feel like I’m covered in butter. Even after rinsing off, the feeling was still there. It was like Dove when it first came out in the market. Don’t worry though as it does not last long (that icky feeling). But because of this, my skin was truly moisturized. I did not apply lotion the whole day and my skin was still soft and smooth in the afternoon.

I won’t buy this again because of the beads and I really feel uneasy about the delicious smell. I feel like I’m using food instead of a body scrub.



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