Friday, January 31, 2014

Why I Will Never Go Back to a Neighborhood Salon Again


I do my own nails because I just can’t find the time to sit in a salon and relax. I barely have time for myself because my time goes to my baby. One day in December last year, I was able to find a bit of time for myself. My son and I went to my grandma’s house. There’s a salon next door. I decided to get a manicure. Big mistake.

They had a new nail technician. He said he came from a Ricky Reyes salon so I had high hopes. It was my first time there. The owner of the salon already warned him that I had “thin” skin so he should be careful. Oh my… My fingers bled like crazy and he wanted to put merthiolate! I didn’t want mercury in my system! I told him no. Anyway, he got two fingers, one on each hand. I endured the pain for days! I wanted to relax for a while but ended up nursing two swollen fingers for 2 weeks.Next time, I’ll just do it myself or go to the professionals. Lesson learned.


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