Friday, June 20, 2014

Travel Must-Have


Before we went on my birthday trip to Singapore, I read a few travel blogs to get  some ideas on packing. One of the blogs I visited mentioned that a luggage strap is a must-have if you have a hard case luggage because they just pop open no matter what the brand is. I immediately looked for a strap and found one at Samsonite.

I thought one pack had 2 straps. The SA told me that there were already 2 belts. We have 2 bags so this was perfect.

When I opened it on the day of our departure, I discovered that there were indeed 2 straps but they were connected! 2 straps for one luggage. Pffftt… Oh, well.  Their SA did not know that.

I used this for my husband’s luggage while I used my luggage bag to support my bag. I showed this strap to my mom and we will definitely buy more for our next travels.


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