Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Daiso Haul

This is another past haul. Sorry, I have so many backlog posts and I’m trying to get updated.


This is an erasable board. It’s made of cardboard but it works just like a whiteboard.
My son loves to practice writing and so this is perfect for him.


It’s a pretty big board, perfect for toddlers. My son embellished it with a few more airplane and helicopter stickers. It also works great as a sticker board.


My son can count up to 20 so this wooden puzzle is a good practice for him. He can count and identify numbers 0-10 but he is still not very familiar with numbers 11 to 20.


I used the plastic case as our going out toy box. I have since changed our going out busy box. This one holds his supermarket play set.


This coin purse is in my gift stash.


I bring the socks to our travels. They keep my feet warm in cold hotel rooms. As for the foot cover, never mind. They don’t stay on.


This is another bad buy. This is a water bottle holder but the strap broke after just a few uses. I couldn’t salvage it so I just threw it away.


This is an unusual find. Shick is a very good brand and my husband uses it.


Finally, these are HK marshmallows. My son loves filled marshmallows. The filling is strawberry.



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