Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guardian Argan Oil &Collagen Heavenly Moisturizing Shower Gel


My sister and I love hoarding toiletries from Malaysia. This is one of her homecoming gifts.

I really had high hopes for this product because most of the Guardian products I tried in the past did not disappoint. I was a bit disappointed with this. It made my dry skin drier. It says on the label that it is regenerating and toning. I think it does those things just a little. I noticed that my skin was firmer and more taut. Aside from those things, I find nothing more heavenly about this shower gel. I also need a lot just to get a good lather. I even commented to my sister that Dettol is better.


If you want a good, cheap shower cream, check this out.  You can also buy this from Guardian Malaysia.


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