Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fruiser Shower Cream


This was a pasalubong from my sister when she went to Malaysia. She usually gives us food for pasalubong so I was really surprised that she got me a beauty product instead. I think she also gave soaps to our cousins, grandma and mom. I think she took my cue when we were together on our Malaysian trip way back in August. I bought toiletries for everyone.

Anyway, on with the review. This is made with goat’s milk which I really like. I like soaps made with goat’s milk but if it’s cow’s milk, my skin reacts with rashes. I don’t know why. Maybe goat’s milk is milder, gentler?

This shower cream smells soooo good! It smells clean.  Although it’s supposed to be a cream and it’s thick, I still need 2 pumps to get a good lather. I use a bath lily and usually one pump is all I need with shower gels.

I like the fact that this does not make my skin dry even though it’s an inexpensive product. I know it’s inexpensive because it’s from my sister. She is such a cheapskate and I mean that in a funny way. We are so used to her “bad” gifts that we just laugh at them so this was a real surprise. It is one of the few gifts I got from her that I could really use.

MB also likes this shower cream. I won’t buy this for myself but I would be glad to receive this again from my sister.


  1. I'm a cheapskate too when it comes to gifts. hehehe. high five to your sister!