Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This Local Spanish Sardines, I Like!


In my old food blog, I talked about not liking any type of locally produced canned sardines because of the quality. Most of the fish still have guts in them so the taste is greatly affected. I also always find green goo in them. I don’t know what that is so I just avoid them completely.

My husband and I have this habit of going to our favorite Pan de Manila branch on Sunday afternoons. He loves pan de sal. I’m not a huge fan because they give me migraines but I can eat a few pieces so that my husband can enjoy eating them. He does not want to eat if I’m not eating. He’s sweet that way.

Anyway, on that trip, I was craving for some Spanish Sardines because I saw a photo in Facebook. I stayed in the car and asked MB to check if there was any Spanish Sardines. He said there was so he got one bottle.

These were delicious! MB bought Cheese Whiz but stopped eating that after he tasted this. The fish were clean and there were no weird tastes. The price is also okay. Sorry, I can’t remember but I know it’s quite affordable. Some local Spanish Sardines are outrageously priced.

I know it’s weird but I actually put a bit of Maggi Savor Calamansi over the sardines when I put them inside the pan de sal. I just like the salty-sour taste. That plus the heat of the oil makes this a wonderful filling merienda. We ate this with our favorite cold beverages. Coke for him, ice tea for me.


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