Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We were craving for burritos because we saw a show in Food Network where the host was eating a burrito and it looked so delicious! My husband and I were salivating already. Our wish came true when we had dinner at Army-Navy. Here’s what we ordered:


Of course, steak burritos! I asked that it be sliced into 3 so everyone can share. Cousin C was also with us. This was good but not great. I wasn’t very happy with the meat as there were a lot of tendons. I probably won’t order this again.


This is cheese quesadilla. I love quesadillas. This is delicious and priced just right. Good for sharing too.


Finally, tacos which are my ultimate Mexican food favorites! This was really delicious! The ratio of meat to vegetables to cheese was perfect. It costs Php160 for 2 tacos. I also like the crunchy shell. Will definitely order this again!

We also ordered LiberTea for everybody. That’s their house blend ice tea. It was also delicious. Our bill was a little under Php1,000. The most expensive item was the burrito. We will definitely be back just so I can get my taco fix!


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