Friday, May 29, 2015

Red Spatula

Whenever my husband and I would go out on a date, we make sure to bring pasalubong or homecoming present to our son. Red Spatula just newly opened in Greenbelt that time and since my son likes mamon, I decided to buy a box. 

I wanted cheese mamon but they were sold out already. These are butter and ube. The ube ones are for my husband. 

These are alright in my opinion. The top just sticks to the plastic so I wasn't really able to taste it. Too bad as that's my favorite part. I didn't bother scraping the plastic anymore. This is light and fluffy. My son did not like it though and I'm wondering why as it's not too sweet. He doesn't like very sweet food. Since my son does not like it, I won't be buying this again. You can try them though. They have other flavors such as peanut butter. They are located in Greenbelt 1, ground floor. 


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