Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bobbi Brown Repair Serum Review


The first time I tried this product was during our staycation in F1 last year. It lasted a few weeks. I like the pump bottle as I can control how much product I get. The scent is nice. I also love the texture of the serum.

At first I was scared to use this as my face does not agree with repair products. I usually break out. This product, however, gave me dramatic results. My skin was super dry that time and when I used this, the dryness and flaking stopped. I think the dryness stopped after day 3 of using this product. It remained that way until after I finished the bottle. I am using another product from Clinique and I am happy to say that my skin is back to normal. I think I will buy this product again when my face starts to get dry. That’s probably around the –ber months.


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