Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello Kitty for Sephora Brush Set Review

I’ve had this brush set forever but it was only last year during our staycation at F1 that I was finally able to try them. I wanted to pack light so I decided to bring these small brushes instead of my regular Bobbi Brown brushes.


These became multi-purpose brushes as I normally use more than 5 to apply my makeup.

These two eye brushes were alright. I was able to blend and get the look that I was aiming for in terms of my eye makeup.


This is the slanted brush which I used for my eyebrows. I am loyal to my Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush. It’s the only brush that I’ve tried that does the job well. This brush, however, rivals my HG brush. I was really surprised that this brush worked so good. Obviously, this is my favorite in the bunch.


I used this brush to apply loose powder and blush. It worked fine.

These brushes are soft and easy to clean. They also come in a very cute case. They will definitely be staples in my travel kit.


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