Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daiso Goodies Part 2


Daiso has a wide selection of travel items. These cute containers are a great way to store lotions, creams and face mists!


Aren’t these hair ties just adorable? They’re great for goodie bags and party loot bags too!


I don’t wear contacts but my cousin does! I think this will be a nice birthday gift for her.


Also like Anna Sui! Love this compact.


These makeup bags are TDF! Did you know that bacteria accumulates in your makeup bag? That is why it is advisable to buy cheap makeup bags that you can toss after 1-3 months of usage. These makeup bags are both cute and affordable! I think I will be buying a lot of these over the next few months.


Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars! A trip to Daiso won’t be complete without checking out the Sanrio wall. These are just some of the Sanrio items on offer. If you love these characters, better go to Daiso and bask in the cuteness overload! Be sure to take some home with you!


Do you want to manage your monthly salary or allowance better? Buy one of these cashbooks!


I will definitely buy these collapsible organizers for my craft closet!


I’m planning to give more personalized gifts this year so these are definitely  in my To Buy list.


How cute are these curtain ties??? I will definitely buy some soon.


Protect your floors with these chair leg socks. Reduces noise too.


Finally, these pencils for boys. My son will definitely use these soon! I’ll be sure to buy a pack.

Be sure to check back to see my Daiso Fix for this week.

Daiso is located on the 3rd floor of Glorietta 3, in the old Kid's and Teen's Zone. Special thanks to Ms. Nova and Ms. Melanie for allowing me to take photos in-store. 


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