Thursday, May 15, 2014

Let’s Talk Cheek Pop!

As you all may already know, Clinique’s latest offering is called Cheek Pop. These are pressed powder blushes that give you a “just pinched” flush.

I had a chat with Ms. Anya today at the Clinique counter in Rustan’s Makati about this new product.


Each of these Cheek Pops gives you a natural flush without looking powdery. Don’t you just hate it when you swipe on blush and it leaves a powdery streak? I also hate it when blushes are hard to blend.

These are different from regular blushes because they have been slow baked from a liquid color to become a lightweight powder. This is a patented process by Clinique, mind you. That makes this blush all the more special. It has a sheer colour payoff that you can build up or down.

Berry Pop

These blushes are not just pretty. They pack a punch too with their long-wearing feature. They last up to 10 hours. They can be used for all skin types across all age groups. Talk about versatility!

Plum Pop

As this is from Clinique, you can expect it to be very skin-friendly. They don’t use harsh chemicals so you can be sure that you won’t get clogged pores and irritated skin.

There are four shades available – Plum Pop, Berry Pop, Ginger Pop and Peach Pop. Plum, Berry and Peach Pops are great for fair-skinned ladies. Ginger Pop is fit for morenas. If you have a medium to golden tone, use Peach Pop lightly to get that fresh light flush.

For a fresh summer look, Ginger and Peach Pops are the best according to Ms. Anya.


If you have any more questions about Cheek Pop or if you need some expert advice about skin care, just approach the resident Beauty Expert, Ms. Anya, at the Rustan’s Makati Clinique counter.

As for me, I’m eyeing the Peach Pop to be included in my collection soon.


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