Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 Toddler Breakfast Ideas

My son is a rock star eater. He eats anything I give him. As he grows up, he is becoming his own person with his own likes and dislikes in food. I am thankful that so far, meal times have been great. He is not a fussy eater at all.
5 toddler breakfasts 1

He is 14 months old and we are at the stage where he doesn’t want me feeding him. He wants to self-feed using his hands. He has learned to self-feed around 6 months old. He started eating solids when he was 4 months old.

Sometimes he will use his spoon but he prefers his hands. I also noticed that he likes to eat a variety of things in one meal. We Filipinos are used to just rice and a viand or two for meals. My son is different. He is quite the adventurous eater. He will eat things he has never seen before such as green pepper. He just looked at his pizza slice, took the pepper and put it in his mouth and happily chewed away. So, for the past week or so, I’ve been trying different food combinations for his breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know that feeding a toddler can sometimes be hard so I’d like to share with you the meals I serve for my son for breakfast.


In this first photo, I gave him some Cheerios with his formula, some mango cubes and scrambled eggs. He finished everything on this plate.


These are Nutella pinwheels and 2 slices of his favorite cheese. I cut them into squares so that he can easily eat them. All gone too.


We were running low on groceries so I gave him Cheerios again and some watermelon slices. He loves watermelons. Finished everything too.


These are watermelon slices again, some scrambled eggs and some bread with butter and orange marmalade that I tore up to prevent choking. My son ate all the fruit, about 80% of the bread and all the eggs.


Finally, some watermelon slices, chopped hardboiled eggs and honey and banana oatmeal. He finished everything except for the egg whites. I am allergic to egg whites. He isn’t but apparently, he does not like hard boiled egg whites.

We usually finish first whatever fruit spoils the quickest. I don’t buy a whole watermelon, just slices and they easily go bad so we eat them everyday until they’re gone. There are only three of us and I don’t like buying a lot of fruit. I buy enough. That’s why the repetition of watermelons.

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5 toddler breakfasts 1

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