Thursday, September 25, 2014

Merienda Time!

Merienda is the Filipino word for snack. We Filipinos love to eat and we have merienda in the morning and afternoon – one before lunch and one before dinner. I usually skip morning merienda but I don’t skip the afternoon one because my body needs it. Ever since I got pregnant, I just need to have an afternoon snack otherwise my energy levels would be so low and my stomach would growl until dinner time.

Here are some snack ideas for you.

merienda time

nachos with cheese and bacon bits – yum! // Bibingka or rice cakes topped with cheese and salted duck eggs //  Fresh vegetable lumpia (spring roll) – love this! // complimentary soup, anyone? // Sotanghon – my son’s favorite // and my son’s favorite mamon or sponge cake

What are you having for merienda today?


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