Monday, September 22, 2014

Brushing Problems with Your Toddler?

I have an issue with my toddler brushing his teeth. He hates it when people put things in his mouth i.e. the toothbrush. He wants to brush his teeth on his own which is fine by me but there are some areas that he can’t brush properly.

We started the habit of brushing his teeth when he first got teeth. Our doctor recommended SansFluo toothpaste as it is safe to be swallowed. We have been using it since.

When we are outside, I still want to clean his teeth but without bringing his toothbrush (and all the drama that comes with it)  so these wipes are perfect:


Actually, his dentist does not require him to brush his teeth. She recommends to just use a wet cloth and brush the teeth with that. I sometimes do that whenever we have too much drama but I really want him to see that brushing is a regular job he must do and that it’s not painful. I want him to get the habit early as opposed to him 7 years old and having a toothbrush debate with me.

If you are having a difficult time brushing your toddler’s teeth, try these wipes. They come in orange flavor too. This one is strawberry.

*I am not affiliated to SansFluo nor was this post sponsored.


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