Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dillinger’s 1903

This post is long overdue. On our wedding anniversary, we ate at Dillinger’s in Greenbelt.


It’s a cozy restaurant tucked away in the corner of Greenbelt, beside Red Box. It’s a quiet restaurant by day and a party hub by night.


It looks intimidating at first but they are totally family friendly. They even have high chairs for the little ones. That’s the bar in the photo. The space is quite big. There are several different sections.

It’s a bit dark though so try to be seated near the window if you have little ones that are scared of the dark.

I’ve also noticed that many customers put their alcoholic beverage bottles on reserve. Some bottles are full and some are half full. They are each labeled with the customer’s name.
Now let’s talk about the food.


I ordered beef salpicao. This was too saucy and too garlicky for me. I love garlic but with this dish, that’s all I could taste.


I also ordered this Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad which was delicious! This is my favorite and I always order this.


My husband ordered steak. It looks rather drab in this photo but it was delicious.


We topped the meal with their house blend ice tea which is also very delicious.

My only problem with this place is that the smoking area is inside so even though they say that there is an exhaust fan, the smoke still travels to our side of the restaurant which is bad if you have kids and babies around. My sister has asthma so we had to move closer to the door as we could really smell the cigarette smoke.

If there are no smokers around, Dillinger’s is a lovely place to have a family lunch in.


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