Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Baguio vanity Kit

When I was still single, I would bring almost all the contents of my vanity in my luggage. I needed to have everything…just to be sure. When I became a mom, less is more. I had to make room in my luggage for my son’s things and believe me, his things can easily take up 2 regular-size luggage if I allow it.

I also needed to shorten my makeup routine, well, because  I’m a mom now and I had to do things for myself fast before he wakes up. Thus, my smaller travel vanity kit. Here’s what I packed for Baguio.

how i packed my baguio vanity kit

I started with this plastic Hello Kitty kit from Daiso. I usually use this for bath toiletries but this time I decided to put my makeup instead. To its right are my Nivea Cleansing Wipes which I packed separately as I was worried about leaks.

I brought my Hello KItty makeup brushes as they are small and light. I also packed a TFS  eyebrow razor.

For my face, I used L’oreal True Match Liquid Foundation which I will talk about soon. It’s a new addition to my vanity.

Not in the photo are my Bobbi Brown eye shadows which I use as an eyebrow kit. I also put my MAC Girl Boy, a spoolie and my Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

For primers, I packed Laura Mercier Face Primer and Benefit’s Lemon Aid. I brought my NARS Custard and Ginger concealer and my Benefit Girl Meets Pearl highlighter.
For the lips, my Nivea Lip Butter is a must-have.  I actually got this in Baguio so it was like it was “coming home”. As for my lipstick, I just used whatever is in my purse vanity kit which are NARS Dolce Vita and MAC Wonder Woman red lip gloss. Not in the group photo is my Estee Lauder palette. I took separate photos of it:


When we were in Baguio, my sister called up mom and told her to ask me what brand of eye shadow is good for her. I told her that I will just give her a palette as I have tons of makeup palettes. I gave this one to her. My sister is my complete opposite. She does not apply makeup but she is slowly transitioning as she needs it for work.


There you have it! More on my Baguio series in the coming days so watch out for that.


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