Sunday, April 26, 2015

Missy BonBon CDO

My sister asked us to bring her some Missy BonBon Pastel from CDO. It was getting late and so we decided to just have dinner there.






There weren’t very many people in the resto even though it was a Sunday night.
I ordered this chicken pasta and my husband ordered a sweet pasta. My son liked this but I didn’t. It had a bitter aftertaste from the cheese.


We wanted to order some milkshakes but they were not available.


The breads were delicious but the pasta was so-so. I wouldn’t order them again. Plus the price kinda turned me off. Maybe that’s the reason why there were very few customers. Oh, well. Next time, I will just stick to the bake shop.

And while we are in the subject of food, I’d like to share with you these really delicious ube bites from my SIL’s sister.


They are originally cupcakes and I asked her if they can be sent to Manila via courier. She said that the langka topping would melt. I told her I just wanted the cake so she made these for me instead.


They were delicious with tea! I brought them home and  ate them for days without complaining. They were great for breakfast or with my afternoon tea. Thank you Ken!


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